Dark Brown Bamboo Fence



Buy Dark Brown Bamboo Fence Panels as privacy fence screens or to cover chain link

Add a unique, tropical twist to your backyard landscaping with bamboo fencing in a rich, rugged dark brown color. Dark Brown is our best selling color because of its beautiful contrast against flowers and vegetation. Panels can be tied together to walls, poles, and chain link or placed inside wood frames for easy DIY installations - no contractors required! Perfect for blocking off sections against noisy neighbours, covering up unsightly chain link fencing, or replacing traditional fencing.

Dark brown bamboo is especially unique because its colour is natural - it grows in the mountains of Asia and starts off green but turns a dark brown colour after 3-4 years. These bamboo poles are cut from the bottom, meaning we get the strongest and sturdiest sections.

These fencing rolls are 100% eco-friendly. We obtain our bamboo from growers who practice sustainable harvesting methods. Experts carefully hand-select each fence and check for damage to make sure only the finest-quality product goes out to our customers. A sturdy galvanized steel wire holds every roll together securely and allows for easy movement. As a result, you receive only the finest bamboo fencing in your order.

Weight of one 6'H x 8'W panel: 72-76 lbs

The width may not be exact 8' or 4'. The width is slightly shorter after the fence roll is un-rolled into a flat panel.

Maintenance: The use of teak oil as sealant is recommended to protect the dark color from fading caused by the outdoor UV light. One end is capped to prevent water (rain) from dripping into bamboo hollows. Keep the capped end facing sky.