Thick Reed Fencing 6'H x 16'L


Thick Reed fencing comes in flexible rolls that you can easily unroll and install yourself. Screen off areas for privacy, cover old wood fencing, install in a frame to replace traditional fencing, or lay on top of chain link fence - the possibilities are endless. Add a tropical touch to any space by using as privacy dividers, wall coverings, garden borders, and pool fences.

Privacy Blocking

Reed fencing has the least privacy blocking among my fencing products. Single layer of reed fencing may not have sufficient privacy blocking, consider doubling layers or using bamboo fencing for better privacy blocking.

Chain Link Fence

The top section installed above the chain link fence height may not withstand the high wind. It should be cut to about the same height as the chain link fence.

Compare to Regular Reed Fencing

This reed fencing contains about 70% more weight than regular reed fencing, providing increased privacy and sturdiness. See product photos for further information.