Huang Ku Bamboo Fence


Add a unique, tropical twist to your backyard landscaping with bamboo fencing in a gorgeous, light tan, natural color. Panels can be tied together to walls, poles, and chain link or placed inside wood frames for easy DIY installations - no contractors required! Perfect for blocking off sections against nosey neighbors, covering up unsightly chain link fencing, or replacing traditional fencing.

  • Huang Ku bamboo has higher crack/split resistance than the moso bamboo fencing
  • More consistent diameter (look and feel) than the moso bamboo fencing
  • Huang Ku bamboo canes have the best privacy blocking
  • The look and feel is very similar to the natural dark brown fencing
  • Better fade resistance than dyed color bamboo fencing
  • Capped (sealed) at top to prevent rain/snow dripping onto bamboo canes
Weight of one 6' x 8' panel: 73-76 lbs

Maintenance: One end is capped to prevent water(rain) from dripping into bamboo hollows. Keep the capped end facing sky.